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The Five Core Components of a Great Digital Strategy

By James MacLennan

If you are pitching a digital strategy, stay away from technology specifics and organization jockeying –
atleast in the beginning. Focus on identifying the critical areas of your business that can and should leverage connection, collaboration, and intelligence.
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9 Common Factors Driving Freelance Economy

By Herald Ignatius P. Manjooran

Do you know that we are already on our way to Freelance Economy? While it is indisputable that organized full time employment will continue to be a major part of the economy, the numbers from some sources indicate the changes afoot.

  • Bureau of Labor statistics claimed that over 53 million Americans (one third working population) provided some form of freelance work or the other, part time or full time, as of October 2015.
  • Bureau of Labor statistics estimates that 15.5 million Americans were self-employed in May 2015.
  • US Department of Commerce reported that 2.9 million Americans were employed part time in May 2015.
  • It is projected that the percentage of Americans providing some form of freelance work will reach nearly half the working population by 2020.
  • So what is leading us to the land of Flexible and Freelance work? Read this article to find out Top 9 factors that will drive the Freelance Economy.
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