M&A IT Advisory

Engage our Senior Advisors for guidance on decisions related to speed and degree of integration, process, tools, knowledge, skillsets, and change management focus required

Management, Design,

Trust us with the design, management, execution, coaching, and mentoring for each phase of the deal lifecycle

M&A Cybersecurity

Count on us to build and protect the Cybersecurity postures of your acquisitions and divestitures, in addition to helping overcome integration gaps in Cybersecurity.

M&A IT Education &

Join us in our workshops and seminars designed to introduce business and IT professionals to the art of M&A IT Integration. Ask about our custom workshops to enhance internal capabilities as well as prepare for upcoming deals.

In the recent years up to 50% of deal synergy in Mergers and Acquisitions have
been related to Information Technology. The role of IT in the execution of M&A transactions cannot
be overstated. DivIHN’s M&A IT Solution Group, created and serving clients since 2014,
exists to ensure M&A IT execution effectiveness in all phases of the M&A lifecycle.

Your program will be safe with DivIHN’s Mergers and Acquisitions IT team. Our M&A professionals are experienced M&A IT Integration Specialists dedicated exclusively to working with clients across the life cycle of a transaction. They are not generalists or ‘freshly minted MBA’s and junior consultants that you need to train before they contribute value; we have instead dedicated the entirety of our professional practice to M&A excellence. We deliver rapid and clear understanding of the issues and their monetary value impact; we help integrate technology in line with the value expectations; we deliver optimized technology portfolio and roadmap for the future.

While our project assignments are designed and scoped to each Client’s specific needs and objectives, the following types of engagements are common to many of our client programs, and often found in combination as well.

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Capability Building

We provide resources to assess, develop and document Clients’ M&A IT capability and readiness. Often beginning with assessments, a second phase of work is the design, development, and deployment of a custom M&A IT Lifecycle Framework, M&A IT Playbook and Tools. We also provide M&A Software Assessments. Capability building often involves transformation—we assess and design fit-for-purpose IT Organizational Capability improvements with lightweight change management and enablement programs to ensure new M&A IT capabilities are understood and adopted.

Full M&A IT Team Support

We provide resources at various levels of the M&A lifecycle structure. Typical
engagements involve designing, managing, executing, coaching and
mentoring during each phase of the deal lifecycle, including multiple
simultaneous deals.

mergers and acquisitions it

Senior M&A IT Advisory & Staffing
Key Program Roles

We provide Senior Advisors, along with Integration Program Leadership and Project
Manager(s) during acquisitions. Our resources advise clients on the most appropriate speed and degree of integration in order to keep the focus on the IT value drivers of the deal. In addition, we embed the process, tools, knowledge and skillsets and change management focus required to make this type of M&A IT a repeatable business process.

Complete M&A Lifecycle Coverage

We work with our clients throughout the M& A lifecycle to provide

  • – Pre-announcement due diligence, resulting in a clear understanding of the IT technology issues impacting the deal.
  • – Post-announcement confirmatory due diligence resulting in a deeper level of understanding of the issues.
  • – Post-close Day One planning and preparation for a smooth transition.
  • – Program management and technical assistance through the transition period resulting in a stable environment.
  • – IT Rationalization to optimize the environment for long term value creation.
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Success Stories

Our Team

We are a team of professionals, committed to our core purpose, working with focus on Success and Transformation for our clients, co-workers, and other stakeholders of our company.

Here are very brief introductions to some of our M&A IT team members.