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The core purpose of DivIHN
is to ‘Positively Impact Lives,
one interaction at a time’.
This core purpose leads us
to the business focus of
Transformation and
Success for our Clients,
Co-workers, and all

Transformation is a journey, not a time bound project. To be meaningful and impactful, it
has to become a mindset, discipline, and a continuing program. It is so with
organizations that are committed to staying relevant and staying ahead of changes around them.
They engage with vendor partners that can align themselves well and invest in the journey.

Transformation & Success Factors

We are committed to Transformation and success of our clients. Their transformation journey requires wise counsel, expert guidance, innovative design, and capable delivery assistance. Enabling this, we are pursuing, with innovation:

  • Leadership in Strategy Alignment – helping Clients achieve strategic continuous alignment between business and IT, and helping architect the enterprise using a Business/ Operations/ Systems / Technology alignment framework
  • Leadership in Technology Vision – helping Clients proactively identify, evaluate, and respond to challenges and opportunities presented by Technology developments
  • Leadership in Solution Design – helping Clients in design of simple solutions for complex problems, in alignment to the enterprise architecture in place
  • Leadership and Innovation in Project/ Service Delivery – helping Clients get their projects (and services) delivered per planned capability, quality, time, and cost

In all the five Solution Areas where we serve our Clients (Digital Transformation, Applications & Cloud, Risk & Cybersecurity, Workforce Solutions, and M&A IT) we pursue this holistic approach and wide reach. Irrespective of the reach permitted by the Client engagement, our focus on Transformation and Client success is constant. Some of the success stories shown here are indicative of strong impact even in limited scope projects and services.

The journey of Transformation is expected of each one of our employees and stakeholders and is enabled through a strong value system and the culture of Seeking Excellence, with Grace.

Individual Transformation & Growth

We have talked so far only about the success and transformation for our Clients. The success and transformation of our team members is well aligned with what we do for and together with our Clients. We value and build teams of highly capable professionals with holistic life-work attitude.

Our culture is one of seeking Excellence, with Grace; it seeks individual growth and transformation as key to team health. This culture is enabled through internal policies, programs, and the conduct of leadership.