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Elegant and Effective Solutions
Only Deliver Value When They Are
Utilized to Full Potential by
Engaged Users.


We seek to help our clients achieve
and sustain long- term adoption, utilization,
alignment, integration, automation,
and evolution of their cloud solutions
and platforms, thus realizing maximum
overall impact and value.

We can help you every step of the way, from initial envisioning, through vision realization, to long-term value realization. We have the breadth and depth to serve as a one-stop-shop for your cloud computing needs. By combining our in-house expertise with strong communities, partnerships, and alliances, DivIHN is perfectly positioned to help ensure that you get the most ease-of-use and the most total business return from your investments in cloud technology and related services.

At DivIHN, our mission is about transforming lives, one interaction at a time. That means doing all we can to enable others to reach their peak in identifying, envisioning, and pursuing their own purposes and goals. It extends, directly or indirectly, all the way to helping our clients’ employees, customers, stakeholders, partners, and others be more connected, engaged, and empowered, whether via cloud solutions, or any other relevant scenarios. The results speak for themselves, in terms of measurable impact and visible outcomes.

How Will You Ensure the Solution Is Utilized So That Potential Value Is Realized?

We can help ensure that you are delivering needed capabilities that address root business issues for all constituents, while laying a solid foundation for adoption and utilization.

The foundation of a successful solution is solving real problems in an elegant and effective way. Your team knows how things really work, and they have learned how to make the most of the tools they already understand. It takes a substantial effort to unlearn everything they have known, accept new tools (or whole toolboxes), and relearn how to do their work most effectively. If the new toolsets and processes are not clearly better than the old ones, it is reasonable to expect more frustration and resentment than acceptance, let alone enthusiasm.

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We can help ensure that the solutions, products, and tools that you choose are the best fit for your organization, and we can work with you to roll out new capabilities in a way that encourages transparency and communications, includes and engages with all participants collaboratively and dynamically, and delivers a great experience for all. When everyone is board from the beginning of the (cloud) journey, they all understand where they are going and why, they work together along the way to overcome adversity, and ultimately reach the destination together, then you have maximized your chances of realizing the most possible value from the investments and sacrifices that you have made.

Our broad range of strategic, functional, technical, and administrative services can fill a wide variety of roles throughout all stages of the solution, platform, and environment lifecycles. For example, we can provide resources to fill specific roles on your team, or we can take responsibility for delivering projects (or whole programs) for you, based on specified and agreed-upon scope, cost, and timeframe. We can take lead or support roles for many other types of tasks and deliverables, including all aspects of change management and operations management. Our flexibility and scalability enable you to leverage as much, or as little, assistance as you need to ensure your cloud success.

We can help enable and encourage users to adopt and embrace the solution, immediately and enduringly.

According to Microsoft, cloud solutions are an enabler for business transformation that can offer enhanced productivity and collaboration tools—leading to a whole new way of working. For you to realize the desired business outcomes and return on investment, it is critical for users to not only adopt new services, but also to embrace those services and use them as part of their natural rhythm of work. Recent studies show that customers are six times more likely to meet or exceed business objectives when effective change management is in place. Change management—the human side of the transformation—focuses on the activities required to prepare organizations for the delivered change. Done right, it facilitates an easier transition for all from the old way of working to the future state, and helps to embed the change as the new norm.

Our capabilities include end-to-end communications management, learning and self-help materials development, content delivery, training administration, community development and support, incident management, service desk, and more. We can help you ensure that your end users and stakeholders fully understand the capabilities and usage scenarios for all their new tools, so they can see for themselves how much better life can be. Adoption, enthusiasm, and realization-of-value will naturally follow.

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How Will You Ensure the Solution Continues to Provide Value in the Long-Term?

We can proactively engage as needed to promote smart cloud governance, education, engagement, management, alignment, and evolution.

Even the best of cloud migrations and deployments can struggle to maintain a high level of engagement and utilization, let alone growth, without proper care and feeding. In order to ensure that your technology platform remains aligned with your organization’s needs over time, it is necessary to foster an active collaboration between business and technology. Enabling creativity and transformation requires balancing between freedom and safety, and recognition that the balance should be dynamic and transparent.

With our deep expertise in IT governance, cyber risk and security, operations management, change management, and related disciplines, we can assist you in creating (or updating) a governance framework which defines the policies, structures, targets, and reporting systems necessary to address the material risks and opportunities that cloud and hybrid environments present. Proper cloud governance facilitates compliance with internal and external regulations and provides process frameworks and definitions that ensure your data and systems are properly managed, regardless of how or where they are hosted. At the same time, too much governance can stifle evolution, so it is important to maintain clear and consistent communication between all relevant parties. In fact, the best cloud platforms provide great tools for fostering communities of interest and can be a great way to enable real-time adjustments to, and continual alignment of, your cloud solutions and business technology needs.

We can support all your ongoing efforts to provide enhanced capabilities and improved ease-of-use for all constituents.

One of the best benefits of embracing modern cloud platforms is that they are updated automatically by their vendors, on a regular and relatively low-risk basis. That means that you get the usual bug fixes and security patches much more frequently, and with a lot less effort and hassle, than the disruptive and time-consuming ‘system upgrades’ that legacy solutions require. It also means that new features and improved capabilities become available more regularly as well, which offer new opportunities to improve business processes. Platform innovations can enable new ways to integrate, automate, and analyze your operations, but if not properly managed, they can also foster new levels of confusion and frustration. 

Our in-house team is the foundation and the backbone of our delivery approach. In addition, we have unparalleled access to on-demand talent, and we have carefully chosen our strategic partners and alliances to provide uniformly excellent service and value, in every interaction. We believe we are ideally positioned to supplement and support your internal team and efforts, well beyond the initial migration.  We can also help you identify responsibilities and workloads that could be cost-effectively off-loaded, or even fully outsourced, to best support your organization’s overall purpose and mission.

DivIHN Maintenance and Support Services

We offer broad spectrum of cloud products, solutions and consulting services, including:

  • Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)
  • Cost & Licensing Management
  • Security Operations
  • Cloud Platform Management
  • Applications Management
  • Production Support (24X7)
  • Custom Solution Maintenance

For more information about DivIHN’s products, solutions, and services, please contact us at [email protected]