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Elegant and Effective Solutions Require
Thoughtful Planning and Every Cloud
Journey Needs a Great Roadmap.

We seek to help our clients chart a clear
course as they embark on (or extend)
their cloud journey.

More than ever before, organizations of all types, sizes, and geographies are relying on business technology innovations to enable and empower their workforces’ collaboration and productivity.
Cloud solutions offer many opportunities to provide team members with potentially game-changing capabilities and insights, all while improving security and reducing long-term (and maybe even short-term) costs.

But unfortunately, the great and growing wealth of choices in the cloud solutions and services market can be overwhelming. There are too many products, vendors, and options of all shapes and sizes to evaluate. Identifying the best fit(s) for your firm’s needs from among so many options can become a huge effort. Even when (or if?) you make your choice and commit to implementing and embracing one or more new cloud solutions, the real work is only just beginning. How will you get it all done, with minimal disruption and maximum positive impact?

DivIHN can help you better understand the myriad of available cloud offerings and choose the best-fit products and platforms for your organization. We can assist as you plan your implementation and define your roadmap for making it happen. Perhaps most importantly, we can help ensure that you avoid the potential pitfalls while providing a great end-user experience for all, which both drive more predictable (and measurable) success.

What Is Your Cloud Migration Approach?

We can be your guide in choosing the right services and migration options.

There are a variety of approaches to “cloud migration”, for both data and applications. Common examples include rehosting, refactoring, replacing, retaining, and retiring. Each is potentially applicable in different circumstances, and often a combination of two or more is appropriate. We can help you map the right approach to your migration scenario(s), and understand what will be needed to make it happen.

service oriented architecture

We can enhance your migration processes and tools, given your resources and constraints.

Depending on the chosen migration approach(es), various processes and tools are available to support the effort. Some tools require additional expenditures but provide enhanced process capabilities, while other options are free but might require more effort. Let our experience be your guide to an efficient, speedy, and surprise-free migration experience.

What Are Your Key Milestones and Timelines?

We can work with you to identify important targets and checkpoints.

A plan, or roadmap, is an essential requirement for successful cloud migration, rollout, and adoption. Developing your roadmap requires breaking down your strategic goals and priorities into tangible functional and technical efforts, and identifying the necessary resources, prerequisites, considerations, etc. It can also help you to identify the possible contingencies and all the many ways that things can go awry along the way.

digital transformation strategy

Our functional and technical architects are well-versed in all the relevant business and technology knowledge domains, and their years of in-the-trenches perspective will help ensure that you can indeed know what you don’t know, before it can sink your voyage.

We can help you plan and coordinate your migration, to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Knowing what needs to be done (and NOT done) to achieve the desired goals is very important, but it is only half the battle. The other half is figuring out how to get everything done that needs to get done, and as quickly and cheaply as possible. And, you must do all that while ensuring that the quality of the product, as well as the process, does not suffer.

We can bring our comprehensive program and project management expertise to your cloud roadmap process, to supplement and extend your in-house planning capabilities as needed. We can assist with many typical aspects of roadmap development and refinement, including communications and internal marketing planning, documentation, learning content development, training administration, support requirements, and longer-term lifecycle considerations.

How Can You Maximize Value and Minimize Risk?

We can recommend and provide the most relevant platforms and products for your needs.

One of the best ways to handle the huge number of options is to narrow your focus. If you can quickly identify the ones that have the best chance of solving your problems and delivering the most overall value to your organization and its constituents, you can save a lot of time and probably get a better solution in the process. DivIHN’s knowledge covers all the major players in the midmarket space, and several that focus on the enterprise as well. We can facilitate the initial identification and qualification of options, thus saving you substantial time and effort. We can help you make sure you choose the right cloud vendors, platforms, and products, with less hassle and more confidence.

We can help ensure that you embrace the most effective practices and avoid the most common pitfalls.

There is a lot of pressure on organizations to be increasingly nimble, scalable, and efficient, usually all at the same time. Cloud solutions offer enticing new opportunities to accomplish those goals and more. However, effectively realizing that potential is challenging in several significant ways. Perhaps the most important consideration is continuous alignment – to accelerate any sort of transformation and innovation initiative, business, functional and technical teams must all work together, with full cooperation and coordination, all throughout the effort. Additionally, there must be a measure of integration and balance between the relevant people, processes, and tools. Otherwise, efficiency will be lost, and experience quality will suffer significantly, for all involved.

Reaping the full benefits that cloud platforms and solutions can provide requires a multi-disciplinary approach and a lot of different skillsets throughout the lifecycle. DivIHN is well-positioned to provide the additional capabilities and capacity you need at each step of the way, and our flexible engagement approach enables us to deliver the help you need, when you need it. Combined with our structured approach, which has been developed, honed and battle-tested over many years, DivIHN might just be the perfect partner to help you navigate the obstacles and avoid the roadblocks on your journey to cloud success. 

DivIHN Planning and Roadmap Services

We offer broad spectrum of cloud products, solutions and consulting services, including:

  • Dynamic Organization Roadmap
  • Cloud Migration Roadmap
  • Productivity Roadmap
  • Business Apps Roadmap
  • Custom Solution Design
  • Custom Solution Planning
  • Project Management Operations
  • Program Management

For more information about DivIHN’s products, solutions, and services, please contact us at [email protected]