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Core Purpose & Business Focus
We see our core purpose as ‘Positively impacting lives, one interaction at a time’.

We acknowledge that everything that is good in our lives can be attributed to the positive impacts of many people and entities, seen as instruments of God. We intend to be such instruments that bring about positive impacts for our Clients, Co-workers, Vendors, and Community.

The qualifying phrase ‘one interaction at a time’ signifies the importance of every interaction we have with those we impact and are impacted by. Our culture ‘In Service, with Excellence and Grace’ is in harmony with our stated purpose. Our brand promise is in harmony with this purpose. Our community involvement is in harmony with this purpose. Programs like TalentGen are in harmony with this purpose and allow us to enjoy this journey.

Our business focus is on Success and Transformation for our Clients, Co-workers, and other stakeholders. While our impact will depend, to a large extent, on the role permitted for us, our commitment to the cause of our Clients is steady and firm; our holistic discipline enables conception and implementation of optimal solutions that are aligned with the Clients’ business and technology strategies.

My Impact

Some of our colleagues reflect on the
positive impact they strive for and some
successes they have had

The Name & Values

DivIHN (pronounced as Divine) is a derivative of the word Divine. The capitalized letters ‘IHN’ in the name DivIHN are the short form of ‘In His Name’ (In Lord’s Name). The Value Systems at DivIHN are inspired by and maintain a close association with the source of our name.

Trust eliminates friction and secures smooth progress in relationships, personal or business. The Trust that our Clients, Colleagues, and Vendor Partners bestow on us translates to joint success. Trust is built on the foundation of Honesty, Commitment, Excellence, and Grace. These are the Values we bring in our service to our Clients.

We believe in building and strengthening long-lasting relationships on the foundation of trust. Our value system manifests itself in our daily activities when we practice honesty in all official transactions, commit to holistic service to clients and co-workers, and invest our time and effort in building graceful relationships with clients, employees, vendors, and business partners.

We believe that dichotomy of values – between personal and official lives – is unhealthy and not sustainable; this awareness helps us to maintain stability through correct hiring and partnering decisions for most of the time. This value foundation is not just based on what is practical for business but on faith from which we derive purpose and sustenance. Our value system calls for continuous improvement in the above areas, making this a continuing journey for us, a journey in which we will positively impact lives, one interaction at a time.

Inclusivity & Diversity

We are blessed as an organization to be diverse in many ways. However, we know that all of us are the same. The uniqueness that each of one us has is not determined by the apparent and/ or artificial factors like race, language, culture, gender, etc.

To be strong as an organization, each one of us needs to preserve the strength of our uniqueness while aligning with our common core purpose and business focus, performing in perfect harmony.

In the broader context of our nation and history, diversity is a beautiful reality that organizations will do well to capture in their midst, in high functioning cultures. In DivIHN, our culture, of being ‘in Service, seeking Excellence, with Grace’ binds us together.

As a policy, DivIHN does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status.


The nature of our business affords us the fortune of not having any (almost) carbon footprint. As a group of professionals, we are aware of the impact that we can have as individuals, families, and groups in trying to leave the planet in a better shape environmentally than when we entered it.

We are conscious of the need for responsible consumption and encourage waste avoidance in our organization and lives. We are committed to lending our voice to causes focused on our planet’s health. We are committed to contribute in small ways to external efforts that combat environmental issues.


We are thankful to the community that we live and work in, and derive sustenance from. We are blessed with the opportunities to actively
support and encourage activities that strengthen our professional, business, and local communities.

  • We provide full sponsorship for a peer networking exchange for senior business technology professionals (TEPEE) and have been doing so since its inception in 2006
  • We are a member of Chicago United, an organization with a mission to achieve parity in economic opportunity for people of color by advancing multiracial leadership in corporate governance, executive management, and business diversity
  • We support BDPA (Black Data Processing Associates) through active time contribution of one of our leaders
  • Our leadership team is active in local community/ faith organizations engaged in purposeful contributions.