Cybersecurity Architecture for County Government

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Our customer is a large County Government on the west coast of USA. The Cybersecurity Architecture work was carried out in the context of the overall review of the Technology Assets of the county.

The Challenge

The modernization of technology services, adoption of hybrid cloud computing, and shift to a remote workforce model called for a new approach to manage digital risk. On top of this challenge, new leadership sought insight into the current level of digital risk due to the variety of threats facing government agencies.

Our Solution

DivIHN’s Cybersecurity Risk Assessment and Architecture services addressed the customer’s challenge. DivIHN consultants performed a detailed risk assessment to identify areas of risk and a detailed remediation plan to close gaps. A modernized cybersecurity architecture was developed to protect network, endpoint, and cloud-based (on-premise, public IaaS, and SaaS) services. Specific emphasis was given to transitioning from VPN-based remote access to a Zero Trust model.


The results of the engagement included:

  • Clear understanding of digital risk and the cybersecurity program needed to manage it
  • Enhancing the culture to focus on threats and risk management
  • Simplifying and modernizing cybersecurity architecture to adapt to changing threats
  • Reducing of cyber risk

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