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Our customer is a $10.5B Financial Services organization with services lines that include checking and savings accounts, personal loans, home equity loans, student loans and credit cards. While the organization already had a reputable presence in the American market, they had recently embarked on an initiative to expand into the APAC market.

The Challenge

The company had to hire a seasoned Audit executive as the regional head of the organization.

As a member of the Global Franchise Audit team, the position would be leading all audits predominantly, but not exclusively, in the Asia Pacific Region. And, also responsible for managing the Payments Risk relationship with the governing financial institution. Needless to say, finding the right individual was mission-critical for the success of the organization in this new geographical market.

The challenge for the company though was that neither did they have any prior recruiting experience in this new market, not did they have the time to build internal capabilities to address the need within the timeframe indicated by the business.

The customer solicited DivIHN’s expertise to help address this need.

Our Solution

One of our first steps involved an intake call with project stakeholders at the client which included the customer’s Global Head of Franchise Audit, and the head of the Human Resources team, to get a better understanding of their requirements, challenges, culture, and targeted budget. Within 48 hours of this intake call, DivIHN presented a position profile and hiring plan to the customer that included sample target profiles, a suggested sourcing strategy, assessment process, and onboarding timelines.

Following the customer’s approval, DivIHN quickly enlisted the help of a local regional partner to get some boots-on-the-ground assistance with candidate sourcing, and launched the search.

Within 2 weeks of the initial intake call, DivIHN presented a slate of 6 qualified candidates to the customer for the role. All shortlisted candidates had been through a 3-step assessment within DivIHN that included a cultural-fit / behavioral skills interview with our client-relationship manager, before being presented to the customer. The comprehensive nature of assessments that were completed by DivIHN helped minimize the time spent by the customer in the interviewing process to a great extent.

The customer ended up hiring one of the candidates presented by DivIHN, with DivIHN assisting with the customer with not only sourcing and screening the candidate, but also with coordinating interviews, negotiating the comp-plan, and onboarding the selected candidate. The candidate valued the unique opportunity to take the lead on a greenfield initiative, and turned down a competing offer, to accept the position with our client.


The customer was very appreciative of DivIHN’s assistance with hiring a highly talented individual for this mission-critical position, and enlisted DivIHN’s help to address and fulfill several other open positions within the IT Security / Audit organization.

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