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A technology company specializing in wireless communications, with revenues of about $1.5 billion, sought growth within its industry through vertical acquisitions of entire operating companies.

The Challenge

The client, recognizing that the acquisition of entire operating companies was significantly more complex than its previous small, horizontal acquisitions engaged DivIHN to assess their IT M&A readiness and equip them with a methodology and tools for integrating acquired businesses.

Our Solution

Two consultants were engaged to assess the Client’s IT M&A readiness from people, process, and technology perspectives through questionnaires, documentation review and in-person and telephone interviews.

In addition to overall impressions we developed findings related to:

  • Business and IT Strategy Governance
  • IT Governance, Compliance, and Security Observations relevant to M&A
  • IT Infrastructure, Application Architecture, and Data Architecture Observations relevant to M&A
  • IT Due Diligence Emphasis and Integration Priorities
  • Potential Technology-Related Risks to IT Synergy Capture and Integration Timeline and Budget
  • IT Team Strengths Relevant to M&A Integration
  • IT Team Capability Development Opportunities Relevant to M&A Integration
  • Other Human Factors including Incremental IT Resource Requirements for M&A


In a formal report and presentation, DivIHN provided the client extensive feedback about their readiness and readiness gaps for IT M&A integration projects in terms of the extensibility and scalability of their technology footprint, their knowledge, skills, and abilities, including M&A experience of the team, and their process and governance maturity. We provided remediation recommendations, a capability development plan outline, and an IT M&A Integration Framework and Playbook, along with tools, templates, and sample documents to facilitate planning and execution of envisioned acquisitions.

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