Risk & Cybersecurity

Aligning of cybersecurity with your business risk tolerance and technology strategy is the outcome we expect for you and strive for, and have the services to make it happen. We have proven success performing cyber risk assessments, developing and implementing cybersecurity programs, and architecting controls to protect your assets.

Our cybersecurity services consider your business processes, sensitivity of services, and regulatory environment. We take a holistic approach to cyber risk management and emphasize what’s most important to protect your assets and maintain compliance with applicable regulations. DivIHN’s approach to cyber risk management is based on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF). Your result is cyber risk clarity and focused execution.

At DivIHN we understand the real world is messy and governance often doesn’t drive design and implementation of cybersecurity controls. Our consultants are capable of bringing clarity to complex technology and business environments with many services and business entities.

Cyber Risk Governance

We collaborate with you to align cybersecurity with the needs of your business. We conduct a thoughtful assessment of practices and technologies deployed to protect your data and technology assets. The outcome is a clear understanding of risk and a practical plan to reduce it to an acceptable level.

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Cyber Protection

Your digital transformation requires the right approach to security to contain the risk of processing and storing the volumes of potentially sensitive data. Cloud services and IoT present different challenges to protect your assets. Our protection services bring leading practices to secure cloud (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), application, and network services.

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Cyber Detection & Response

Your ability to understand threats, remediate vulnerabilities, and effectively respond to security and privacy incidents is critical to managing cyber risk. Our services enable you to proactively manage vulnerabilities, adapt to changing threats, and contain incidents to minimize risk to your business.

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We are a team of professionals, committed to our core purpose, working with focus on Success and Transformation for our clients, co-workers, and other stakeholders of our company.

Here are very brief introductions to our Risk and Cyber security leadership team.