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A multi-concept home improvement franchise system with four consumer brands and more than 1,000 locations in the United States and Canada

The Challenge

The sales and operations platform provided by the franchise system for use by the individual franchisees had significant gaps in business process enablement, concerns over reliability and quality, and low user satisfaction.  An application health assessment was performed which resulted in a recommendation to build a replacement solution, reusing some components of the current solution.

Our Solution

In close collaboration with the CIO, other key executives, and a cross section of franchise owners, we developed the vision and detailed functional business requirements for a modernized and significantly more robust replacement solution. In collaboration with our customer’s business analysts our internal team of world-class developers and our technical quality assurance center of excellence, we delivered that replacement solution, going far beyond the features and capabilities of the original system.

The result is an enterprise-class, integrated sales and operations platform with rich Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Service Delivery, Configure-Price-Quote, and Supply Chain / Procurement management functionality. The solution is available to users on web browsers with some features extended to mobile (iOS and Android) access.


The platform has become a strategic asset for the enterprise, providing the franchisees a feature-rich, integrated sales and operations platform, new management insight for both the franchise system and franchise owners, and positioning the company for accelerated strategic growth.

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