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Our customer is a $10.5B Fortune 500 Healthcare company with a focus in the areas of BioScience and Medical Devices. In business for over 85 years, the company is directly responsible for products, technologies and therapies available in more than 100 countries across the world.

DivIHN has served as a preferred supplier-partner to this organization since 2014.

The Challenge

The customer’s Cybersecurity division had been working on a strategy to mature their Integrated Rik Management environment (Archer) by setting up a Development Environment (“sandbox”) as well as by implementing several customizations, feature development, and integration interfaces, specific to their organization.

They did not anticipate, however, the challenge of locating skilled Archer resources necessary for the project, within their allocated budget

The customer solicited DivIHN’s expertise to create a solution for them.

Our Solution

In order to address the challenge of locating resources in the local market within the customer’s restrictive budget, DivIHN created and executed a strategy to form a global Cybersecurity team composed of individuals located in both India as well as the US. The team was comprised of a senior RSA Archer Consultant, an InfoSec Solutions Architect, and a Program Manager. While the team was designed to have one member onsite at the customer’s premises to liaise closely with the project stakeholders, members of the remote team were also made available for any onsite visits that may be required by the customer, should the need arise.

Over a period of 14 months, DivIHN’s global CS team carried out the following work to support the customer’s initiatives:

  • Development of environment specification (sizing, architecture) for sandbox configuration
  • Configuration and setup of the sandbox to carry out various development/integration project activities
  • As a pilot project, transport Application Security Risk Scoring Methodology specifically developed at the customer from its current MS Excel-based format into Archer
  • Develop a customer-specific Training Curriculum so that DivIHN could create a skilled pool of Archer development resources for the customer
  • Develop a ‘Source Code Versioning and Promotion Model’ to control the movement of Archer deliverables from sandbox to testing, and in turn to the production environment


Through the ‘global team’ solution, DivIHN was not only able to help the customer locate niche-skill Cybersecurity resources that were not available in the local geographical market, but was able to do so at a fraction of the cost. In addition, DivIHN also formulated and proposed a Hire-Train-Deployment program that involved hiring and training of infosec grads from local community colleges in order to address the long term resource needs of the customer.

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