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A multi-concept home improvement franchise system with four consumer brands and more than 1,000 locations in the United States and Canada

The Challenge

The legacy sales and operations platform provided by the franchise system for use by the individual franchisees had significant gaps in business process enablement, concerns over reliability and quality, and low user satisfaction.

Our Solution

We assessed the current state of the franchisee sales and operations platform and helped our customer to identify their best path forward. We assessed the platform using both quantitative and qualitative measures of functional and architectural health factors, considering business functional and technical requirements, industry standards, and best practices.

The assessment and recommendation process include evaluation of several options.

  • Continue to invest in the current solution. Repair and rebuild it.
  • Buy a replacement solution.
  • Build a replacement solution from scratch.
  • Build a replacement, reusing some elements of the current solution


At the end of this engagement, the health assessment indicated that it was not prudent to continue to invest in the current solution. Using the same functional requirements assembled to assess the functional health of the current solution, we evaluated the solutions in the marketplace to identify opportunities to buy a replacement.
Finding none which could be implemented for without an excessive modification and investment and having determined that build a replacement from scratch was both unnecessary and prohibitively expensive, our recommendation was to build a replacement, reusing some elements of the current solution.


This recommendation was followed by our customer and the replacement system was successfully built and deployed providing a wide range of benefits to the franchise system and the franchisees.

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