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Transforming your engagement with
Customers, Employees, and Partners by
creating innovative Salesforce solutions to
address your unique business needs; helping
you devise application and data integration
strategies, design solutions,
and implement them

You can unleash the power of the Salesforce Clouds and development tools, the world’s most trusted multi-tenant cloud platform, with our help to design and develop business strategy driven solutions that integrate Salesforce with enterprise applications.

Our Advisory and Solution Design services are based on a proven methodology that has been applied in application transformation for a wide variety of industries. At the core of our methodology is a highly customizable Transformation Framework based on weights and measures to objectively identify and prioritize replacement, migration, and integration opportunities. We customize the framework based on a definition of your business goals and requirements.

We analyze and solve business problems through a holistic approach founded on enterprise architecture principles and a highly customizable methodology that delivers short term benefits without compromising long term goals. Our interviews and data gathering are founded on a holistic approach that addresses business and technology aspects as essential interdependent factors of holistic systems. We design the ‘Future State’ – transformed application portfolio with migrate/ replace/ integrate recommendations – by plugging in the customized Transformation Framework with data that is specific and relevant to your situation.

Our typical implementations follow the steps of

  • Plan & Prepare
  • Setup & Customize
  • Deploy
  • Drive Adoption
  • Continuous Improvement

We have expertise in developing high quality custom applications through tools and technologies such as Lightning, Wave, and Heroku. We will work with you to create and implement strategies to integrate on premise applications and datasets with the Salesforce Cloud platform. We offer a variety of options and help you make the right choice.


Our Salesforce Consulting Team helps develop a roadmap to realize your vision. The team will combine the knowledge of Salesforce capabilities and best practices with enterprise architecture expertise to advise you on unleashing the potential of Salesforce in the context of your business needs and IT environment. Our architects and analysts will collaborate with Executives and Stakeholders through workshops, and one-on-one meetings. The outcomes from the interactions will be combined with our knowledge of industry and technology trends to define measurable business goals, to identify opportunities, and to define a roadmap based on priorities and short-term wins.

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Solution Design

We design solutions that leverage our expertise and deep understanding of

  • Salesforce Clouds, Platform and the AppExchange ecosystem
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Application and Data Integration tools & technologies

Our design recommendations will include

  • Replacement of outdated and/or hard to maintain applications by proven SaaS equivalents that are well integrated with Salesforce
  • Migration of custom on premise applications that rely heavily on data that resides in Salesforce. We know from past experience that this can dramatically improve effectiveness and reduce costs
  • Integration between on premise and other SaaS applications with Salesforce

Our key design drivers include

  • Automation and streamlining of business processes across platforms
  • Analytics based on a holistic view of the data


Our technology team has the expertise & experience in executing a wide range of projects from the simple to complex. The team has expertise with several Salesforce tools and technologies including Lightning, Wave, and Thunder; Microsoft .NET, Java, and Open Source; a variety of ETL and Reporting tools; etc. Our agile processes ensure speed to market and alignment with the business and technical goals.

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