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Elegant and Effective
Solutions for Complex
Business Problems

We seek to help our clients leverage private,
public, and hybrid cloud technologies
to truly empower organizations
and improve lives.

Whether you are looking to deploy a focused solution for a specific business challenge, or you are looking to move your entire infrastructure from an on-premises environment to a fully cloud-based platform, or anything in between, we can help you achieve transformative results and extraordinary experiences for your customers, employees, and shareholders alike.

We are a leading provider of full-stack cloud solutions and services, primarily for small to medium-sized organizations. Our approach to the cloud is informed by our extensive experience with many kinds of applications and many types of platforms and environments, from bleeding-edge web services to old-school legacy monoliths. When combined with our expertise in small- to medium-sized organizations across several key industries, you can rest assured that the solutions, experiences, and business impact we deliver are second-to-none.

For nearly 20 years, clients have come to trust us to be their expert advisor and reliable delivery partner, for business-focused IT solutions and services.

Our clients seek wisdom, consistency, and performance in a cloud solutions provider. We believe they should expect no less than honesty, transparency, and real value from a true strategic partner. We seek to help our clients re-envision what a “cloud solutions provider” like us can do to help them realize THEIR mission more effectively.

Our clients know that we are fully committed to their success, and that we can be counted upon to deliver results, always.

Our goal is to enable our clients to get the most value possible from cloud technologies while reducing risk and cost.Our passion is to do it while exceeding expectations and providing a great client experience, as well as measurable outcomes. Our clients appreciate the significant positive difference that working with us can make in their ultimate cloud success.

cloud solutions

DivIHN’s Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud Solutions services are always customized for your organization’s particular needs, with our approach tailored to your specific situation. Our methodologies, frameworks, templates, processes, and tooling are based on proven industry standards and decades of hands-on experience and development. When combined with our deep technical capabilities and highly flexible resourcing model, we believe this approach positions us very well to your one-stop-shop for your all your cloud platform, application, data, infrastructure, network, and support needs, and more.

The Modern Workplace is all about giving your team great tools and a top-notch user experience wherever they are, which improves productivity, collaboration, and satisfaction. It also enables and empowers your team to pursue your organization’s mission while providing a great experience to YOUR customers and constituents. Microsoft provides the technology, and DivIHN provides the know-how. Together, the value is off the charts!

Operational efficiency comes with a focus on best practices in IT service management, tech platforms, and the foundations of end user experience. Flexibility, security, and ease of use are critical to your team’s ability to get the right things done, effectively and consistently. Microsoft provides the platforms and apps, and DivIHN provides the expertise and the hands-on-deck.

A key challenge today lies in understanding your available data assets and deficits. Providing secure accessibility to those assets and addressing the deficits in data capture lays the foundation for exploring your data and uncovering insights that can transform your business. Microsoft provides the tools, and DivIHN shows you the way to business data enlightenment.

Service Offerings


DivIHN offers a variety of services that are based on proven practices while being customized to our clients’ unique requirements and constraints.

  • Business Technology and Cloud Strategy
  • Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP)
  • Microsoft 365 and Azure Products
  • Solution Envisioning and Design
  • Migration Planning and Execution
  • Custom Applications and Integrations
  • Business Process Automation and Tracking
  • Data Management, Analytics, and AI/ML
  • User Enablement and Adoption
  • Ongoing Cloud Support and Optimization

The DivIHN Difference


DivIHN offers the most options and flexibility in providing the business technology expertise, and bandwidth you need. Our clients appreciate our ability to deliver top-quality solutions and additional capacity across several critical solution areas, through multiple adaptive engagement models, and always focused on your specific needs.


For more information about DivIHN’s products, solutions, and services, please contact us at [email protected]