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Through our direct-hire staffing program, DivIHN Direct, we assist clients with sourcing, recruiting and hiring exceptional talent for permanent positions. Our Direct-Hire program is designed to make the hiring process less stressful, less time consuming, and less costly.

As a holistic IT services provider, we never take a transactional approach to serving our clients, even when it comes to staffing. Instead, we invest time and resources to understand your business goals, project objectives, topologies and methodologies to ensure that the resources we deploy will have a direct impact on the success of your projects.

Our Direct Hire Staffing Services has been refined over many years of experience identifying and mitigating the challenges facing our clients in talent acquisition, including unwieldy recruitment processes, questionable quality of hires and insufficient ability to retain talent. Our approach, methods and tools result in minimized risk, faster fulfillment and increased resources for our clients.

Clients have the option of engaging our services either on a retainer basis or on a contingency basis.

Our work is bigger than us.

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Our Team

11.6 The average tenure of DivIHN’s corporate staff is 11.6 years.
That is, over 70% of the time DivIHN has been in business.

68% DivIHN’s attrition rate is 68% lower than industry average.

3x The average tenure of a DivIHN employee is 3 times higher than industry average.