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Architecture, Design and Development of
high-value, strategic Enterprise Systems
deployed on-premises or in a private,
public, or hybrid cloud.

Your organization depends on applications to operate efficiently, to innovate and to stand out against the competition. DivIHN has deep experience in building applications for organizations, large and small, in a wide range of industries. We have built high-impact solutions in retail, franchise operations, financial services, education, manufacturing, and logistics, just to name a few.

Business Value

Commercial solution vendors and Software as a Service providers offer a wide range of enterprise solutions to organizations of almost every size in almost any industry. However, every organization has a unique vision and value proposition. Each one has a unique set of strategic goals and mission-critical requirements. The one-size-fits-all solution is not always the best way to create business value through technology. DivIHN has a proven track record of developing high-impact Enterprise Systems, from complete business lifecycle platforms to point solutions that fill critical gaps in existing solutions.


Our full-lifecycle capability allows us to collaborate with you from initial vision and high-level requirements, through specifications, design, development, implementation and support. Our development team consists of solution architects, full stack developers, and technical specialists in the Microsoft stack for browser-based applications and in the iOS and Android mobile platforms. Our integrated Quality Assurance Center of Excellence is engaged from beginning to end to help assure quality deliverables which meet the requirements and provide business value. We have an internal Development Methodology and Quality Assurance framework, but we adapt to your organization’s unique process requirements, from Agile sprints and ceremonies, to Waterfall phases and gates, and any hybrid in between. We can complement your Business and IT team or provide a completely turnkey development process.

We offer a flexible, multi-homed team structure. Key team members may be located at your site, in your geographic region and time zone, or elsewhere in North America. They work in harmony with our core development and QA teams in Chennai, India.

We believe in an informed, engaged, and connected team. Our team, regardless of location, adapts to your schedule to ensure effective collaboration. We use every available communication, collaboration, and project management tool. These can be our tools, your tools, or any mutually satisfactory combination.

Our team is led by experienced and certified program and project managers, development managers, Quality Assurance managers, technical leads, and QA leads. We follow industry standards and best practices for program and project management. In addition to our internal standards and methods, we adapt to the requirements of your organization and project management office.

Solution Architecture

Developing a sound Solution Architecture before we write a single line of code is crucial to the successful delivery of a healthy, high-value solution. This architecture considers your broader Enterprise Architecture framework, and your technology guiding principles and imperatives. We don’t design solutions which will become technological orphans in your landscape. When designing solutions, we diligently follow the same principles that guide our Application Health Assessments. In addition to providing business value through functional wholeness, our solutions are designed to be flexible, inter-operable, scalable, manageable, and sustainable.

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Design Philosophy

Our solution design philosophy can be summarized succinctly. Excellent solutions make it easy for non-technical people to do important things. Technology must never get in the way of productivity. Applications must be easy to learn and use. Features and functions must be easy to find and easy to relate to the user’s intended activity. In a sense, we want the User Experience to be forgettable. Nobody goes home at the end of day satisfied about the great experience they had using an enterprise application. They go home satisfied about doing their job well and efficiently and creating value for their organization.

Technical Expertise

Our teams are highly skilled and experienced. We combine technical architects, full-stack developers, and technology specialists in a broad range of tools and technologies. They work side-by-side to discuss problems and to take advantage of diverse points of view to create solutions. They inspire each other, learn from each other, and review each other’s work for both quality and cross-training purposes – all to deliver a high-quality outcome for you and your end customers.

Quality Assurance

Our internal Quality Assurance team engages with the developers and Business Analysts early in the development process to form a common and complete understanding or solution requirements and designs. This common understand helps everyone think holistically about the development work objectives, test planning, test script preparation, and test execution throughout the development and implementation process. Our internal Quality Assurance team collaborates with you in all phases to support your testing and quality requirements including User Acceptance Testing and post-implementation validation.