Digital Transformation

Strategies that deliver; and Architectures and Plans that are successfully implemented; these are the types of outcomes we expect for you and strive for, and have designed our service approach for; in the Digital Transformation area. We seek to deliver Measurable Outcomes for our Clients, in line with our Transformation Model (which mandates actions consistent with Leadership in Strategy Alignment, Technology Vision, Solution Design, and Solution Delivery as the best way to ensure Client success).

Sound Enterprise Architecture is the best and the holistic way for organizations to transform through technology. Business, Operations, Systems, and Technology are analyzed for relevance, mutual impact, and alignment. Enterprise Architecture is a well-defined practice for conducting multiple levels of analysis, design, planning, and implementation for successful development and implementation of Strategy. Applied Enterprise Architecture is our core discipline that yields the structures and guidance to help leverage investments in people, process, and technology.

Our Digital Transformation Services are always custom, with our methodology and approach tailored to your specific situation; combined with our unique technical perspective, this approach positions us well to serve you for your application, data, infrastructure, network, and cloud needs

Digital Strategy & Transformation

Count on us to work with you focusing
on Strategies designed to optimize
impact and value for your Clients,
Employees, and Shareholders;

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IT Rationalization

In your transformation, effectively
incorporating suitable resources and
capabilities that are already in place will
yield better results. Enlist DivIHN to design
and develop …

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IT Integration

Invite us to employ the Applied
Enterprise Architecture process to
identify structures and guidance to help
you leverage people, process, and

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Our Team

We are a team of professionals, committed to our core purpose, working with focus on Success and Transformation for our clients, co-workers, and other stakeholders of our company.

Here are very brief introductions to the core team most of our Digital Transformation Solution Area.