Transformation Solutions

We help CIOs and other IT decision makers assess the current situation, plan and execute technology projects to meet the needs of an ever-changing business environment. Whether your needs are rationalizing the IT portfolio to meet the strategic needs of the business, or determining why a particular technical issue continues to surface – DivIHN Solutions is your answer.

We look at and solve business IT problems, no matter how big or small, from a holistic, integrated perspective. Utilizing Enterprise Architecture, we diagnose a problem and fix it with the most effective solutions. With more complex situations we will work with our clients to provide a future vision and roadmap as well as the plans and execution resources to get there.

DivIHN Solutions tailors its methodology and approach to each client’s specific situation. Our unique technical perspective to Systems Architecture can help with your application, data, infrastructure or network needs.

IT Transformation

With emergence of new technologies, it is indispensable for every organization to align their IT infrastructure with their business goals. Due to globalization all organizations are transforming their IT Infrastructure to reduce cost, optimize infrastructure consumption to gain competitive advantage.

IT Integration

DivIHN’s unique IT integration will work with you to integrate and configure appropriate IT infrastructure and applications for your business needs, thus enabling you remain focussed on your existing business-critical projects.

M&A IT Integration

M&A IT Integration Services work with clients needing to understand the real cost impact of bringing separate IT organizations together or splitting them apart.

IT Rationalization

IT Rationalization is a process involving an enterprise wide analysis of the IT portfolio (data, application, infrastructure, organization and business process). By objectively evaluating the portfolio and measuring the cost of each component against the business value it provides, we work with our clients to determine whether to discard, replace, update or extend its usage.

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