Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services

Today, advancements in IT services influences every aspect of our lives. However, with advancement comes risks that can put valuable information in jeopardy. Cyber threats have found new dimensions and cyber security has never been a greater challenge. A minor data breach at one end could result in catastrophic consequences to the organization at large.

DivIHN’s Cyber security (governance) services include:


1.Information Security Risk Assessment
DivIHN performs a comprehensive security risk assessment using DivIHN’s proprietary 3 phase risk assessment methodology.
• Discovery Phase: Assess the design and effectiveness of existing risk management and security governance.
• Evaluation Phase: Identify the gaps between existing IT control environment and IT controls best practice based on ISO 27002, NIST, CSF, etc…
• Presentation Phase: Present the identified IT control gaps, risk associated with each gap and recommendation for closing the gap indicating the relative risk, cost, and level-of-effort for remediation


1. Vendor Risk Assessment
In today’s paperless work environment, it is becomes imperative for every company to safeguard their valuable information. DivIHN evaluates Vendor Risk Management (VRM) with a comprehensive plan for identifying and decreasing potential uncertainties regarding the hiring of 3rd party vendors for information technology (IT) products and services. It conducts the assessment (Ex-Questionnaires, policies etc…)For over a 100-150 vendors. DivIHN closely interacts with vendors to review the reports, questionnaire responses and the evidences collected. It completes the report and works on the issues identified.

2. Cyber Governance:
DivIHN helps their client to build upon Cybernance – “Leader in cyber risk governance”. Cybernance is a software platform that helps the Board of Directors to assess measure and report cyber risk so that executives and business units can manage it effectively.Cybernance collects cyber security data to generate information needed for board members and directors to:

• Identify defensive weak spots
• Assign responsibility to managers
• Encourage inter-departmental collaboration
• Demonstrate active and evolving Cybersecurity maturity

Features of Cybernance Platform:
• Monitor ongoing cybersecurity progress
• Provide board and executives with real-time data in dashboards
• Move from one-time assessments to ongoing guidance
• Move to target maturity with guided, prioritized activities
• Prepare for compliance audits: NIST, HIPAA, FFIEC, etc.
• Gauge vendor and partner risk using automated platform
• Manage portfolio risk using an automated platform

3. Information Security Awareness Training

DivIHN’s Best Practices Information Security Awareness Training solution ensures the clients’ employees are prepared in keeping your information and networks safe.
DivIHN’s certified professionals share industry best practices via a formal (classroom or web-based) course. This expert-level training highlights the importance of information security awareness.It prepares the employees with information security policies and procedures in a simple yet effective way.

Experienced professionals in DivIHN can also provide on-the-job guidance, either onsite or over the phone, to support your internal staff on in an informal, just-in-time basis. An expert resource on your team can reduce problem-solving time and provide valuable insight within your project.