Values & Principles

DivIHN is a derivative of the word Divine (and pronounced as such). The capitalized letters IHN in the name DivIHN stand for In His Name refers to In Lord’s Name. The Value Systems at DivIHN have a close association with the source of our name.

Value System

Our Value System is expressed in three words – Honesty, Commitment, and Relationship.

Our intent is to generate, build, and strengthen long lasting relationships built on honesty, commitment and performance. The Value system manifests itself in our daily activities when we insist on Honesty in all official transactions, mandate commitment to serving clients and employees, and invest our time and effort in building relationships with clients, employees, vendors, and business partners.

We believe that dichotomy in values – between personal and official lives – is not feasible; this awareness helps us to maintain stability through correct hiring and partnering decisions for most of the time. The value foundation is not just based on what is practical for business but on faith from which we derive purpose and sustenance. This value system calls for continuous improvement in the above areas, making this a continuing journey for us.

It is this Value System that enables us to focus on Growth with Integrity and Excellence, for every employee and the organization.

Strategic Intent

At the most basic level, our strategic intent is value: value to our employees, clients, and all entities that have a significant relationship with DivIHN.


Value that enables clients to continuously improve their performance


Value that liberates and spurs employees, associates, and individual collaborators to innovation and excellence


Value that contributes to quality of life improvement in the society

The core requirement for the generation, delivery, and reinvestment of value will be continuous acquisition, enhancement, development, and application of knowledge with perspective; this dictates the need for a learning organization tuned to and capable of generating and catalyzing Innovation, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

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