Community Outreach

Social responsibility

Community Leadership

Employees serve as volunteers, board members on many social not-for-profit organizations.

Environmentally Responsible – Green Initiatives within the company

In-spite of being a small company that is not required to be compliant with green initiatives.

Global Specialist Network

GSN is a visionary initiative supported and enabled by DivIHN. ‘Global Specialists’ Network’ (GSN) is a movement by and for professionals. It aims to be a transformative global organization that brings knowledge professionals, thought-leaders, and corporate business entities together in an ecosystem that promotes professional growth, gainful networking, and exchange of innovative services in a high-quality high-trust environment. GSN’s DNA includes community involvement and contribution to the community.

GSN, as a network of knowledge professionals, is organized in Groups, designed to help members serve each other, learn, grow, network, showcase their body of work, and get positive exposure. GSN will also generate opportunities for members to provide paid services to corporate members, clients, and other external entities, individually or as part of the Groups. GSN’s initial focus is on the Data Sciences and Data Engineering disciplines.

We strive to bridge the academic and social gap for at risk youth in the community by supporting their educational and development needs. We create a positive learning culture there by creating a fun learning environment for school children in the park forest and surrounding suburbs.

Thought Leaders

TEPEE, BDPA, M&A Leadership Council, AITP

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